Client Spotlight: From pushHouse...Kevin Wood

1. Why did you start coming to pushHouse?
 I started coming to the pushHouse  because I   needed  some strengthening and toning to maintain my lifestyle. I play tennis/surf 6 days a week and am 58 years old.  Also, a friend had heard good things about the pushHouse and wanted to try it, so I joined him for the first few sessions.  By my third visit, my lower back and core muscles were much stronger, which allowed to me play tennis without the usual soreness the day after playing. Since then I have been hooked.

2. What do you love about pushHouse?  

I appreciate the pushHouse instructors. They are always very helpful and know just the right time to "push" us further than we thought we could go on the exercises.


3. What's your favorite Pilates move or part of class?

I like the Pilates moves that that are hard but you go very slow. At those times, I  can focus on just one muscle or muscle group.

4. Anything else you want to share?
I also want to say that I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know the pushHouse regulars in a "female friendly" setting for women.  It has been instructive for me.


Thanks again for this opportunity.