When your locker doesn't open at 3am & you need to be on air!

Most people probably don't realize some of the challenges we face on the morning shift.  Most stores are closed...we can't even get Starbucks!  But we all know that 7-Eleven has good coffee!  :)

My phone started blowing up this morning on my drive to work.  Apparently, Nichelle couldn't get into her locker!  When ALL of your hair & makeup tools are in your locker...and you're scrambling to get ready....with dripping wet hair....STRESS!  I offered to stop by a 24 hour store to buy a dryer, but she needed makeup too (which I had in my car with me).  When I showed up, she had scraped together random makeup & brushes she had found in the makeup room.  I leave my locker unlocked, so she found my curling iron, but not much more since I get half ready at home.  But she had made some interesting progress!  The guys in the newsroom tried a hammer to get in, but no luck.  One of the photographers (Jay) ran out to buy a turbo blow dryer, and an engineer (Scott) showed up with some sort of heat blowing tool!  Lol!  He was about to grab a drill, but then we realized the business manager keeps her office open & often has spare keys!!!  Scott ran up there and brought back a box of keys...and...voila!  Nichelle's magical locker opened!  Apparently, the key sticks, so it'll need to get re-keyed.  But at least she has everything she needs for work today, as well as, the weekend!  Phew!  #TGIF


Is this guy about to snag my job?!

Chad Crilley has been reporting on the weather since he was 3 years old.  I've been mentoring him for the last 5 years, and now that he's 16, I'm a little nervous that he just might take my job soon!!  He's still a kid, but he knows more than most meteorologists I know!  The kid is good!  He knows his stuff & has a great passion to share it with everyone he encounters.  He's already experienced a great deal of extreme weather.  Remember the Joplin tornado?  Well...he was there...right in the middle of the action!  

In the past, I would have him come into the station to practice on the green screen.  Then gradually, I would record him doing little clips that we'd use at a later time.  But now he's doing the weather live on tv!  He's the one to watch!

Simple Solution...Glitter on your manicure!

I'm not the biggest fan of nail salons...mainly because I don't have the patience to sit there for an hour while someone files my nails. When I do go, I prefer to get a gel manicure so that my nails looks perfectly polished for at least two weeks. BUT...  I don't always have the extra 40 bucks to flop down to soak off the shellac and get them resealed. So I've become half decent at painting my nails at home...but I get super frustrated when the paint only lasts a day or two... ya hurd that?! Well I have discovered a simple solution... GLITTER!! Just buy a similar color of glitter nail polish and put a coat or two over your regular polish. It seems to lock in the paint and keep my nails from chipping so easily! Happy painting!


Glitter just on the tips.


Love this look!  Not just pretty & festive, but sturdy for a manicure.

How I became a Weather Anchor (Part 1)

People ask me all the time how I became a Weather Anchor.  So I thought I'd share my experience, although, I think my journey is a little different than many.

For some reason, I had a lot of friends who happened to be news reporters & anchors.  They would always tell me that this was something I should get into, especially hosting or doing the weather.  It's something that I was interested in for a very long time, but I assumed I had to go back to college, and that did NOT sound exciting to me.  

With the nudging of my friends, I decided that it was time to follow my dreams and pursue a career in weather forecasting...even if it meant going back to school.  So I quit my high paying  job, started taking meteorology classes, & began an internship at a cable station.  I made a resume tape with the help of a couple of friends in the news business...which, by the way, was horrible!  SO extremely embarrassing!  I should post it one of these days for a good laugh!  lol!  

I told my boss at the internship that I was hoping to get a job within a couple of months.  He said I had moxy (I've heard that quite a bit!), but that it generally takes people about a year to get a job.   One YEAR?!?  Come on!  That's bananas!  I decided to reject his statement since I was not willing to wait that long.  I knew I had it in me to work hard and get a job much sooner.  It was October, and I was really hoping for a job by January.  He seemed to think it was cute that I was naive enough to think such a ridiculous thing was possible.  Um...ok...but I planned to make it happen.

A friend of mine was getting married in Hawaii, so I flew out there for the wedding.  Right before I left, I emailed all of the News Directors at the stations out there & asked if they'd meet with me.  They were all so gracious and met with me to give me feedback on my absurd resume tape.

Stay tuned for part 2 of "How I became a Weather Anchor"...

Breaking into the Fashion Industry; Audrey Rinkel


Name: Audrey Rinkel 

Major: Fashion Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing. 


Department: Social Media 

How did you snag your internship?

I interned with BCBGMAXAZRIA  in the Social Media Department. I heard about my internship through volunteering at fashion week with BCBG. I landed my internship through my previous internship with North Carolina based image consulting company, Lily Winston, where I am the social media manager. 

What did you do for your internship?

During  my internship I did content research, competitor analysis, posts to social media channels, made recommendations, compiled statistical analyses, communicated with malls about posting our sales on their social media channels, took BTS photos during in-house photo shoots.

What was the highlight of your internship experience?

The highlight of my internship experience was when I got to go to the 2015 Resort Presentation at the Azria's house because it was such an incredible event. I had the incredible opportunity to work at it. Being chosen to go made me feel like i was excelling at my internship. I learned a lot about interviewing and networking while I was there. 

What is the most important thing you learned?

The most important thing I learned during my internship besides all the tactical things about social media was working as a team and in a professional setting. In order to successfully and thoroughly complete our responsibilities as interns we all had to work together, divide the tasks, check each others work, bounce ideas off each other, etc.