Breaking into the Fashion Industry; Audrey Rinkel


Name: Audrey Rinkel 

Major: Fashion Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing. 


Department: Social Media 

How did you snag your internship?

I interned with BCBGMAXAZRIA  in the Social Media Department. I heard about my internship through volunteering at fashion week with BCBG. I landed my internship through my previous internship with North Carolina based image consulting company, Lily Winston, where I am the social media manager. 

What did you do for your internship?

During  my internship I did content research, competitor analysis, posts to social media channels, made recommendations, compiled statistical analyses, communicated with malls about posting our sales on their social media channels, took BTS photos during in-house photo shoots.

What was the highlight of your internship experience?

The highlight of my internship experience was when I got to go to the 2015 Resort Presentation at the Azria's house because it was such an incredible event. I had the incredible opportunity to work at it. Being chosen to go made me feel like i was excelling at my internship. I learned a lot about interviewing and networking while I was there. 

What is the most important thing you learned?

The most important thing I learned during my internship besides all the tactical things about social media was working as a team and in a professional setting. In order to successfully and thoroughly complete our responsibilities as interns we all had to work together, divide the tasks, check each others work, bounce ideas off each other, etc.