I Took the Road Less Traveled and it Worked

My journey at San Diego 6 began with a news internship. I shadowed reporters in the field, wrote stories and created my first demo reel. During that time, I also met some wonderful people who showed me that not everyone in this business is a “diva.”

Fast-forward a few months… I’m about to graduate from UC San Diego with no job prospect. About a week before I walk off that stage with my diploma in hand, I get a call from Jake, San Diego 6’s assignment desk manager. He asks if I would be interested in working as a weekend assignment editor. I’m thrilled but hesitant because that would mean working Sundays.

You see, faith in God is the most important thing in my life. I want to live life in response to the amazing love God has shown me through the work of Jesus Christ. Although I fail time and time again, I strive to let my words, thoughts and actions honor Him. So, when I was faced with the decision to work Sundays, I was torn. Working on Sundays would mean I would miss church and also not observe the Sabbath.

So, I took a leap of faith. “Jake, I would love the opportunity, but I would only be able to work Saturdays,” I said. My heart was pounding. He probably thinks I’m an idiot… I mean, that’s half of my paycheck! “Okay, that’s fine,” Jake said. Phew!

A week after graduating, I started working as an assignment desk editor. There was a learning curve but, with the help of some great coworkers, I started to get the hang of things.

A few months later, they offered me another part-time position as a studio crew member. There, I learned how to operate studio and handheld cameras, cued the morning show anchors, rolled the teleprompter and so much more!

But, there’s this unspoken divide between those who work in the newsroom and those who work in the control room. I wanted to challenge that. As someone aspiring to be on-air talent one day, I wanted to understand and empathize with the people behind-the-scenes.

Slowly but surely, I started to see where their bitterness was coming from. Both sides are experts in their craft, but weren’t willing to blend the two worlds in harmony. Instead, there was a lot of “I hate it when she does that. It screws it up for me” or “Why can’t they see beyond technical issues?” There was so much selfishness on both ends. A solution came to mind… these people need love.

So, I showed them love the best way I could. I let positivity take over at 4 a.m., greeting everyone I passed with a hello or smile. Sometimes, I bought them coffee and donuts; we news people love food. As they warmed up to me, I got to know them better. I asked about their families, hobbies and whatever else brings them joy. Their stories gripped my heart. I could see why many of my new friends just wanted to be heard.

Developing great relationships with people in the control room and newsroom allowed me to understand both sides. Now, with much prayer and love, we’re bridging the two worlds and creating a culture of kindness at San Diego 6.

I continued to work as a studio crew member, but wanted to work on news packages as well. So, I started searching for some human-interest stories. Because my goal was to be a multimedia journalist, I needed to learn how to shoot, write, voice over and edit these stories. Some of the most seasoned journalists helped me with this process, and I am forever grateful for their advice and help!

Traditionally, aspiring news reporters go to small market stations to learn and grow. Because I wanted to prioritize my family and fiancé, moving out of state wasn’t an option for me. So, my time at San Diego 6 was crucial in developing my skills and gaining experience.

Many people advised me to go to a smaller market first. One time, I was explicitly told, “You will never make it on-air in San Diego.” Interestingly enough, my first story aired on San Diego 6’s 10 p.m. newscast two weeks later. It is possible.

My journey here has been filled with taking leaps of faith and learning every step of the way. I developed my news judgment while working as a fill-in nightside assignment editor. I was the fill-in web producer for months, giving me a pulse on what viewers/readers like to see on news websites and across social media platforms.

That brings us to today. I now work Mondays and Tuesdays as the “Trending & Friending” correspondent on San Diego 6’s morning show. I share videos and stories on the brink of going viral with viewers. It is so much fun, and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity!

I hope to continue to grow here at San Diego 6. As far as what the next few years have in store, God only knows. But, I am incredibly thankful and blessed to be here right now.

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