But...I don't even know how to play Poker!

Movember.  It's when men grow their facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  I'm all for it & want to show my support.  So when I was asked to play in a Poker Tournament at Harrah's Casino, I said Yes!  One problem...I don't know how to play poker.  Oops.  I guess I better learn!  ;P  I mean...how hard can it be?!  I was thinking I could get together with a friend and take a crash course in the details.  Besides, it's for charity, so it's not meant to be as stressful.  

I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was the day after Halloween, and that I might be out late in a costume.  And little did I realize that the casino was an hour away.  Needless to say, November 1st was a little rough for me, especially since I had been up for 24 hours.  Since I hadn't gotten a tutorial, I thought I might be able to find something on youtube or listen to a podcast on the drive to the casino. Uh...that didn't happen.  

I arrived to the casino & they sat me down at my table.  I had a bounty on my head because I was one of the 'celebrities.'  Lol!!!  Me...a celebrity!  I find that to be funny.  ;)

Anyhoos...I start playing and everyone was really helpful.  I wasn't nervous because I didn't really know what I was doing.  But I learned very quickly that I shouldn't fold when I had aces.  Darn.  Surprisingly, I made it pretty far!  I beat out more than half of the players and was down to the last 4 tables.  Finally, I was booted, but not before grabbing one of the celebrity bounties!  It was a Harrah's bag, filled with sunglasses, a water bottle, a t-shirt, and a buffet coupon.  Good enough for me!  Tom, the guy who booted me out, wasn't able to get a room (the hotel was sold out).  I wasn't sure if I'd stay, so I gave him my room & he seemed pretty happy about it cuz his wife was coming out for a fun weekend!  I had a birthday party the next day, so I was happy to drive home that night.  It was nice to make new friends, including the actors from Sons of Anarchy, although I've never seen that show!  Shh.  Don't tell them that.  

Later that day, Jay Mohr performed.  He was HILARIOUS!!!  Overall...it was a fun time & I just might look into changing careers.  I may be a professional Poker player soon!