Squishy pads & my happy little toes

After sweating our butts off in spin class, Brandi & I went to the mall to hit up our usual lunch spot, Veggie Grill.  Then, as we were shopping, she points to the 50% off sign at the shoe store.  Uh oh.  I can smell trouble.  When I realized what a great deal I was finding, I almost hyperventilated!  You know how little kids pull out all their toys and make a giant pile in the middle of the room?  That was me!  Brandi (the shoe shopping instigator) left with one pair of shoes, and somehow, I left with two...but ordered 3 more!  Shoes...my downfall!  Side note: I wish they had a size 8.25 because the 8 is a bit tight & the 8.5 is a little big.  


I'm pretty familiar with all the insoles and such, however, I discovered something fabulous! Whenever I would see super cute sandals I would often try them on and be disappointed because they would hurt between the toes.  So unfortunately, I would have to leave them behind at the store, wishing they were coming home with me.  But this time, the girl who worked there told me about these amazing squishy pads...similar to a mini insole, but made for sandals!  They add cushion between your toes so the sandals become comfortable!  Whaaaaat?!  How did I not know about these gems before?!  Well now that I know about them, I had to share this intel, cuz ladies...you know the pain I speak of and the cutting that can happen.  There's no need to toss those sandals out or yell at them in your shoe closet.  Now, we can be friends with them.  And they can come home with us from the mall...home sweet home...right where they belong. :)

New sandals from Aldo, and the highlight of my day...new squishy pads to protect my little toes!