When your locker doesn't open at 3am & you need to be on air!

Most people probably don't realize some of the challenges we face on the morning shift.  Most stores are closed...we can't even get Starbucks!  But we all know that 7-Eleven has good coffee!  :)

My phone started blowing up this morning on my drive to work.  Apparently, Nichelle couldn't get into her locker!  When ALL of your hair & makeup tools are in your locker...and you're scrambling to get ready....with dripping wet hair....STRESS!  I offered to stop by a 24 hour store to buy a dryer, but she needed makeup too (which I had in my car with me).  When I showed up, she had scraped together random makeup & brushes she had found in the makeup room.  I leave my locker unlocked, so she found my curling iron, but not much more since I get half ready at home.  But she had made some interesting progress!  The guys in the newsroom tried a hammer to get in, but no luck.  One of the photographers (Jay) ran out to buy a turbo blow dryer, and an engineer (Scott) showed up with some sort of heat blowing tool!  Lol!  He was about to grab a drill, but then we realized the business manager keeps her office open & often has spare keys!!!  Scott ran up there and brought back a box of keys...and...voila!  Nichelle's magical locker opened!  Apparently, the key sticks, so it'll need to get re-keyed.  But at least she has everything she needs for work today, as well as, the weekend!  Phew!  #TGIF