How I became a Weather Anchor (Part 2)

So there I Hawaii, meeting with each of the news stations.  I thought it was interesting that they would ask me to return to 'audition.'  Since I was going to be there for 8 days, I was available to keep going back.  It turned out that I spent all 8 days of my vacation at the various news stations...taking meetings, auditioning, re-auditioning, etc.  All I took with me were bathing suits & a few cute outfits...appropriate for a vacation, but definitely not for job interviews.  Thankfully, I have a lot of friends who live there, so I was able to borrow some of their clothes.  Not just that, but a friend even loaned me her car to run back and forth to these job interviews.  Yay for great friends!  Keep in mind that I wasn't even applying for an opening, but was just trying to initially get some feedback on my resume tape. And I thought..."If I meet with them, perhaps they'll remember me in a couple of years!"  I really thought I was being smart!  (Patting myself on the back!)   Not sure what I was expecting, but I was surprised at how everyone was so kind to me.  One of the news directors even gave me tips on how to stand in front of the green screen and which way to walk in & out of the chroma key (green screen).  

A friend of mine is a sports anchor in LA & his good friend was working at one of the Hawaii stations.  My friend put me in touch with the guy, who set everything up for me to do a bunch of run-throughs & practice over and over again.  I was amazed at how gracious people were to me!  Even when I was making my initial resume tape, my anchor friend recruited a photog friend & they helped me put it all together.  And I had to do it all over and over and over again, cuz I had zero experience & looked SO awkward!  ( bueno!)

When I arrived at one of the stations, an anchor let me into the building.  He asked where I was staying, so I said Hawaii Kai.  Knowing that I had flown in from LA, he decided to test my pronunciation of Hawaiian words by asking "So, you know that long road that leads out to Hawaii Kai?  Do you know how to pronounce it?"  Without missing a beat, I replied "Kalanianaole Highway".  He seemed surprised that I was able to pronounce it properly.  I guess years of competitive hula dancing came in handy!  Yes, such a thing exists!  With my previous job, I traveled to Hawaii every month, so I knew my way around pretty well.  And since I was born in Hawaii, I felt a strong connection to the Islands.  So it seemed like a natural fit for me.  :)  


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