Is this guy about to snag my job?!

Chad Crilley has been reporting on the weather since he was 3 years old.  I've been mentoring him for the last 5 years, and now that he's 16, I'm a little nervous that he just might take my job soon!!  He's still a kid, but he knows more than most meteorologists I know!  The kid is good!  He knows his stuff & has a great passion to share it with everyone he encounters.  He's already experienced a great deal of extreme weather.  Remember the Joplin tornado?  Well...he was there...right in the middle of the action!  

In the past, I would have him come into the station to practice on the green screen.  Then gradually, I would record him doing little clips that we'd use at a later time.  But now he's doing the weather live on tv!  He's the one to watch!

College & internship...and now the big decision!

College is a time when you try to figure out exactly who it is and what it is you want to be.  It’s a period when you make decisions that could potentially determine the rest of your life.  Scary right? Especially when you're the one living it!  Time seems to fly by as your childhood ends and “adulthood” begins.  Let's be honest, most of us aren't exactly ready to be adults yet.  

A major part of transitioning into adulthood is finding a career.  Throughout college, this is (or should be) the main focus of every choice you make.  Everything you do from your major to internships paves the way to a future career.  That’s a lot of pressure!  Pressure to succeed as well as pressure to choose what it is you want to do.  In this period, you go from dreaming the impossible to thinking realistically.  One day you wake up and realize the future is closer than you think and that's when you really start to panic...or at least I did.  

As an incoming junior, the real world is in my near future.  The toughest part about this is realizing that there aren't step by step instructions to any career.  No one can tell you the right decision to make because there really isn’t a straight path to a job.  You can’t follow in the footsteps of anyone because each person has their own journey. There's a point when you realize your family members, teachers, friends, etc. can't exactly help you anymore.  

But, let's not focus on the negatives. This means that every choice you make is now that of your own.  No one can tell you what to do or who to be.  It's all on you.  This is the time to find who you are and who you want to be. That's pretty cool!  

The truth is all of us pretend to be calm, cool and collected, but inside we're freaking out.  In a few years we could be back living at home with our parents or we could even be living in another country.  In a way, I enjoy not knowing what the future holds.  It's exciting to focus on the present and dream about the future.  

Throughout the next two years, I will have to independently decide what it is I want to do.  Making the decisions up to this point has been difficult, but they have shaped who I am today.  This summer I was lucky enough to have an internship with San Diego 6 and it has only made me love broadcast journalism more.   I am nervous for what the future holds, but I’m also excited to see what is in store!   


One of my first times on-air...and definitely the first time in a costume!  Yay Comic-Con! 


It finally happened...I overslept for work!

overslept for work

I often wondered what would happen if someone on the morning news ever overslept for work.  Would someone else fill-in for them?  Like who?  A producer?  A writer?  For an anchor, there's usually a co-anchor, so I suppose one person would read all of the news.  Or a reporter could step in to co-anchor the show.  But what about for my position, the meteorologist?  Who would do weather and traffic?  Thankfully, at my station, we have a few other people who know how to do weather.  However, they may not be scheduled to work in the morning, so it could be tricky calling them into work at that hour.  

There are many things I pride myself on...straight teeth without ever having braces, my amazing parallel parking skills (thank you, Los Angeles), seeing the good in people, & throwing great parties, to name a few.  Never missing a show due to over sleeping was another source of pride for me.  But pride comes before a fall...and well...yesterday was that day!  I woke up and saw that it was 4:59am.  "Huh?  What is going on?"  That didn't make sense.  Then my brain woke up and smacked me, "Girrrrrlll!  You're late for work!  You need to be on-air in ONE minute!!!"  I grabbed my phone & sent a text to my producers and co-anchors.  Then the phone rang and it was Lindsay, from the assignment desk.  "Renee can be here in 15 minutes." she said.  "I can be there in 15 minutes!" I replied.  "Well, get on it!" was the I got into 'go-mode' and hustled!  6 minutes.  Yup, 6 minutes!  That's how long it took me to brush my teeth, slap on some foundation, throw some clothes on, grab a protein bar, and head out the door.  

(Let's take a moment to think about how impressive my get-going skills were.  They were pretty stinkin' amazing!  If only I could get ready that fast all the time!)

I got to work and they had a camera guy shooting me as I arrived...driving up, getting out of my car, and not hustling as I walked into the studio.  Of course, the anchors later teased me for just casually strolling in vs. running into the studio like there was a fire.  I managed to be on-air at 5:30am.  Remember...I woke up at 4:59am.  It's about a 15-18 minute drive to work, so I think I did alright!  I didn't have time to do my hair, so I just sort of shook it out and went with it.  I did some make-up in the car (not recommended!!!), threw on my microphone & IFB (ear piece), put up one of the graphics (current temps, I think), and then..."Good morning!  Happy Monday, everyone!"  They made fun of me on-air all morning long (and kept showing footage of me slowly getting out of my car & walking into the studio), but I didn't mind at all 'cuz it made the day fun!

It's interesting because Marc, Heather, & I had recently talked about what we would do if we woke up late.  Marc had said not to stress out if that were to ever happen.  So I remember feeling like they had my back...which allowed me to rush without feeling super stressed.  And that made me to feel okay about it..not that I'd ever want it to happen again!  

It was a bit of scramble, but I like a good keeps me on my toes.  On one hand, it stinks that I can no longer say I've never been late to work.  But on the other hand, it's as if I attempted something new and adventurous!  I just don't plan to make a habit of it.  Perhaps it's time to invest in a 4th alarm clock!