If you're making videos for your business, positioning yourself properly is VITAL.  You can have the best quality equipment, but if you don't seem COMFORTABLE on-camera, then it's not comfortable for your viewers to watch.  And to keep your audience, it's important to be RELATABLE.  I'm here to help you fine-tune your video presentation skills so you can keep your viewers engaged and returning for more!  

Do you work On-Camera?  

Do you want to work on-camera?  

Do you want to be known as the EXPERT in your field?

Do you know how to engage your viewers?

Do you seem COMFORTABLE?

Do you seem RELATABLE???  This is a very important one!!

Do you know how to lead the conversation in an interview?

Do you have a product that you want to promote on TV, but don't know where to start?  Aiming for Shark Tank?!

Have you ever had your on-camera work critiqued?  

Are you positioning yourself in the best way possible?  

Are you maximizing your skills when you make your business videos?  

Do you wear the proper make-up for on-camera work?  FELLAS...I'm talking to you too!!

Do you know how long your videos should be?  

Do you know what kind of clothing & colors you should be wearing?

Do you know which way to face (& where to look) when doing interviews?

Do you know how to hold a microphone properly?

Are you leaving your audience wanting more??


Spending 5 years as a Casting Director in Los Angeles & over two decades as On-Air Talent has given me the experience and skills necessary to help others fine-tune their presentations.  Owning businesses & the many years in sales has also allowed me a unique ability to see what's important to a consumer/client.  

Send me a brief message & let me know what your video presentations needs are.  If you don't know what you need to tweak, I'm here to help you figure that out too!  Together, let's get your videos to showcase your best qualities & strengths, and keep your clients engaged!

Let's DO this!


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