Top 3 things Ashley likes about being an intern at San Diego 6 News

1.  Getting to be in the studio's fun!

2.  Seeing the graphics I work on show up on-air.

3.  Seeing all the behind-the-scenes work that goes on.


Top 3 struggles of working on a morning show

1.  Lack of sleep!  It doesn't feel normal to go to bed at 7pm when it's still bright outside, so I'm always tired.

2.  Lack of an evening social life.  It's a challenge to go out in the evenings, so I miss a lot of dinners & such.

3.  Weird meal hours.  I can always eat, but it feels normal to have a meal at 3pm, but nobody seems to want to go to dinner at that time!  lol!

Top 3 benefits of working on a morning show (Kimi)

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1.  It's super fun!  There's something different everyday, so I love the variety.

2.  Food!  We often have guests who bring food, so we get to try all sorts of new dishes.

3.  Since we have a fun morning show, we get to be ourselves.  For me, it's a stress reliever.  I really get re-energized during the morning show!  :)