I've worked one-on-one with individuals for over 15 years, and still love it!  I'm also very excited to offer an online program that helps entrepreneurs create a thriving online business, utilizing their area of expertise.  Click the "Let's Connect" button below & let's work on helping you package your knowledge into a program you can monetize while helping people! 

I have over 15 years of experience in helping individuals perfect their on-camera presentations & business skills.  It's my passion to help to people 1) find their passion in life, 2) be confident & comfortable in front of the camera, & 3) build a business they love .  Take a look at "My Strengths" (according to the Gallup StrengthsFinders test) to see why this is my passion.  

If you're making videos for your business, positioning yourself properly is VITAL.  I teach techniques to overcoming the nerves that make it feel like your heart's pounding out of your chest, and also teach the difference between being "nervous" vs "uncomfortable."  Do you know that being nervous is about you, whereas, being uncomfortable is about your audience?  It's a distinction that I've discovered & find to be invaluable.  I will show you how to connect with your viewers so you can build trust and credibility.  

You can have the best quality video equipment, but if you don't seem COMFORTABLE on-camera, then it's not comfortable for your viewers to watch.  But not to worry...I'll teach you the skills to be comfortable on-camera.  I teach the "Oprah Effect" which is about the importance of being RELATABLE.  The technique I've created, CRC, is how being Comfortable + being Relatable = Connection.  I'm here to help fine-tune your video presentation skills so you can keep your viewers engaged and returning for more!  Ultimately, we need to Connect to Convert.

Spending 5 years as a Casting Director in Los Angeles & over a decade as On-Air Talent has given me the experience and skills necessary to help others fine-tune their presentations.  Owning businesses & the many years in sales has allowed me a unique ability to see what's important to a consumer/client.  Read the following questions and see if any resonate with you.  And fill out the form below to connect with me.

Are you an entrepreneur, but feel "STUCK" & know you just need a little push in the right direction?

Ever wish someone would just hold your hand through the process, showing you the TIPS & TRICKS you seem to be missing?

Do you know that websites viewers are 174% more likely to PURCHASE after viewing a video?

Are you LEVERAGING your videos to showcase your expertise?

Are your videos really converting into sales?  Could your videos be better?  Do you want greater CONVERSION rates?

Do you currently work On-Camera?  Do you want to work on-camera?  

Do you want to be known as the EXPERT in your field?  Is your message COMPELLING?

Do you know how to engage your viewers?  Are you actually CONNECTING with your viewers?

Do you seem COMFORTABLE?  Are you RELATABLE???  This is a very important!!

Do you know how to lead the CONVERSATION in an interview?  Is your style conversational?

Do you have a product that you want to promote on TV, but don't know where to start?  Aiming for Shark Tank?!

Have you ever had your on-camera work critiqued?  Are you POSITIONING yourself in the best way possible?  

Are you MAXIMIZING your skills when you make your business videos?  

Do you wear the proper make-up for on-camera work?  FELLAS...I'm talking to you too!!

Do you know how long your videos should be?  

Do you know what kind of CLOTHING & COLORS you should be wearing?

Do you know which way to face & where to look when doing INTERVIEWS?

Do you know the best way to create a TESTIMONIAL video?

Do you know how to hold a MICROPHONE properly?

Are you leaving your audience wanting more??


Send me a brief message & let me know what your video presentations needs are.  If you don't know what you need to adjust to improve your on-camera presentation skills, I'm here to help you figure that out too.  And if you're a newbie & are terrified of being on camera, I've got you covered!  Fill out the form below & let's get started!  Be as thorough as possible so I'll know how I can help you best.  :)


Together, let's get your videos to showcase your best qualities & strengths,

and keep your clients coming back for more!  

Let's DO this!

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